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Print-subscription – EUWID Holz und Möbel

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Weekly print edition: Read the most important news, market developments and price information... more

Weekly print edition: Read the most important news, market developments and price information for your industry - compact and in print.

In the weekly edition of EUWID Holz und Möbel, read market reports and prices researched by the EUWID editorial team for a large number of wood products and wood-based materials. Here you will find up-to-date information on all relevant developments in the wood, wood-based materials, surface, construction elements and furniture industries. You will learn more about the crucial developments in the DACH markets, the rest of Europe, Russia, North and South America, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

Our content:

  • Latest news on key markets and companies.
  • Market and price developments on the following products: Softwood and hardwood logs, industrial wood, softwood lumber, hardwood lumber, sawmill residues, wood products, wood-based materials, surface materials, construction elements, furniture.
  • The focus is on the wood markets in Central Europe and the submarkets of Eastern Europe, North America and Asia.
  • Domestic and foreign production and sales statistics, foreign trade statistics, industry overviews.
  • Industry-relevant dates and events.
  • Job advertisements.

Your benefits:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of relevant developments in your business area.
  • Find out about current prices and analyses and use them for your negotiations, calculations or business processes.
  • Benefit from our editorially prepared and industry-relevant news.
  • In addition, you will find important events and dates.

Special edition EUWID Holz special:

  • Twice a year, EUWID Holz special looks at longer-term trends in the wood, wood-based materials and surface industries.
  • The spring issue provides an overview of the status and development trends in the wood-based materials and surfaces industry.
  • The end-of-year issue focuses on topics from the construction and interior design sectors.

Special issue EUWID Holz special:

  • The English-language issue EUWID Special: Wood-Based Panels reports twice a year on current developments in the machinery/plant engineering, wood-based panel and supplier industries.